April 22, 2015


Finell was welcomed with open arms last week by Austin Fashion Week as Fashion designers from Austin and far, gathered together to showcase and support each others work at soirees and on the runway. Founded only seven years ago by Matt Sweeney, the City of Austin officially deemed April 10th-18th as Austin Fashion Week.

If you didn’t see Kara Sweeney accessorizing with our handbags at the soirees around town, there is no way you could have missed them on the runway. During the three nights of runway shows, themed Discover, Stars, Finale, our FINELL handbags were perfectly paired with a different designer each night.


During Discover, up and coming designer from Brooklyn, Caycee Black, paired our bags with her unique patterns and simple lines that framed the body beautifully. We had a chance to talk with Caycee about the collection she showcased. We enjoyed hearing the inspiration behind her patterns as well as some of her process with textiles and pattern making. We aren’t too sure what we can share with y’all but what we can say is it’s a satisfying analog process that is totally hands on throughout. She incorporates stenciling, watercolor, and dip dye ombre.

IMG_4093 IMG_4095


Friday evening kicked off Star’s runway night which featured contestants from Project Runway. Designers included Gunnar Deatherage, Michelle Lesniak, Amanda Valentine, Jeffrey Sebelia, Melissa Fleis, Anthony Ryan Auld, & Daniel Esquivel. Melissa Flies accessorized her more casual, ready to wear line with Rae, Iso, and Versus. Melissa was in need of another clutch styled accessory so we got a little creative with Versus and replaced the crossbody strap with a wristlet strap from Quin, making a pouch styled clutch for the runway.

FIN_0203 FIN_0204 FIN_0234 FIN_0253 FIN_0118_2 FIN_0135 FIN_0150 FIN_0157 FIN_0168 FIN_0176 FIN_0190 FIN_0199


Saturday evening, we closed down the event along side of locally based international designer, Gail Chovan. In her new line, Unprecious, she experimented with dying white silks with red wine and extracting colors from black silk. Her philosophy is that by treating our wardrobe as if its unprecious the clothing then gathers its preciousness, its story, through the act of being worn. [that wine spill, the blood stain, the bleach spot] Gail and her team created a boldly vibrant color palette and striking patterns that paired the Finell handbags in such an interesting way. The duality between Gail’s organic patterns and Finell’s angular lines created a balanced that was invigorating and refreshing.

FIN_0510_2 FIN_0489_2  FIN_0479_2 FIN_0514_2FIN_0499_2

FIN_0523_2 FIN_0529_2FIN_0542_2



In addition to a great show, our new friend, SPIRE THE LABEL, was awarded the CAPSULE award. It is an amazing opportunity for an up-and-coming designer including gifts from Bernina, a trip to NY, and a cash grant to get her label off the ground. Spire's condensed yet stunning three-piece collection is pictured below. Check out that gorgeous neoprene cape.

FIN_0444_2 FIN_0452_2

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