September 10, 2015


On our recent trip to NYC, we stopped by the HENRIK VIBSKOV store in Soho, a new Finell handbag retailer. Henrik Vibskov is a Danish Fashion designer pioneering the “New Nordic Movement” - fusing art, fashion and music. We chatted with store manager and buyer, Susan Domelsmith, a musician / designer herself - who enlightened us on all things VIBSKOV.

Photo credit. Left: Ivan Alonso. Right: Alastair Philip Wiper

FINELL: Who is Henrik?

Henrik started off playing drums when he was quite young. He was a musician first and then began making art, enrolling at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London in 1998. During college he launched his clothing line.

Henrik incorporates the mediums of art, music and fashion into each of his fashion shows. Not only does he design each seasonal collection, but develops the music himself (sometimes playing live drums) and sculptural content. For SS16 he built tents on the runway with figures on podiums moving very slowly. The SS15 runway show featured dancers from the Norwegian Royal Academy moving through water and splashing everywhere. It was really beautiful. Incorporating dance into his shows is sculptural and visual. He is very attracted to theatre. Recently he designed all the costumes for singer, Bjork’s opera in Brussels.

How would you describe HV in 5 works?

Experimental. Avant Garde. Artistic. Inspiring. Multifaceted. 

Taken from inside the Henrik Vibskov store in SOHO. Photo credit:Yuko Torihara

What sets Henrik apart in the fashion community?

Definitely Playfulness. Especially in New York - everyone is a bit serious. His playful nature is apparent in his color, pattern, material choices and willingness to experiment.  
He actually has a museum show at the Daelim Museum in Seoul, Korea called PLAY LIKE ME, running through December 2015.

Austin native, Susan Domelsmith has been working with VIBSKOV for 4 years as his buyer and store manager in SOHO. A bad-ass jewelry designer and musician herself, their creative energies are totally in sync.

Photo credit: Ellis Yun-Ying Wu

What attracted you to the Finell handbag line?

really like the modern aesthetic, the clean lines. the colors are so great. The blue that you used, the cobalt, is in Henrik’s collection for Autumn/Winter. That’s part of the reason I chose that finish was to re-reference the Henrik collection. It made a cohesive world.

I like to see brands that are also focused on sculptural and multifaceted elements to the design. I like your [FINELL] bags because you can wear them different ways and they kind of take form as you fill them. I think that was something Henrik also really appreciated when I presented the brand to him. We like to work with companies doing cool things and working with cool people. It’s great that you guys are showing in museums the way Henrik does; so thats a good element too.

Any tips on wearing avant garde fashion?

Photo credit: Ivan Alonso

If I’m wearing something really avant garde I try to keep everything else simple. Otherwise its just too overwhelming. I go for one sculptural piece and keep the rest simple.

I love wearing clothes that make you have a better day and have more fun with your life than you normally would if you weren’t wearing it. I have this one dress that says “Hi” on it and everytime I wear it I make friends. Clothes that make you feel better about yourself, and reflect your mood, and just make you have more fun. That’s my fashion advice.


What is your least favorite fashion trend right now?

We were just talking about this. There were a couple of guys that came in the store with their butts hanging out of their pants. I can't believe that it’s still happening. Also Uggs during the summer. I mean, Uggs in general I would never wear but in the summer especially!

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