Seaport Studios Concept Shop

June 03, 2015




Seaport Studios will bring the best of New York’s emerging creative talent to Lower Manhattan.

The idea is simple. Partner with WWD, a world-renowned fashion brand. Gather a group of independent brands that represent the highest standards of contemporary style, add today’s trending designers and create unique programs and activations that enliven the space. Blend this with the distinctive character of the district to create a retail destination unlike anything else in NYC.

Designed by Guild’s New York City studio, the store’s interior is inspired by the Seaport’s maritime and trading history. Set to include an eclectic mix of Fashion, Design, Art, Food & Beverage in a curated environment, Seaport Studios will be a showcase for what’s next.




Seaport Studios is a two-level concept store located at the corner of Fulton and Front Streets.
Level 1 features modular spaces that create a retail environment without limitations, as well as independent brands, local makers, today’s trending designers and a coffee bar that overlooks the iconic ships and cobblestone streets.
Level 2 is a lounge and art gallery with curated exhibits and ongoing programs and events that create an inspiring place to gather, engage and relax.


We are excited to be a part of Seaport Studios' first show. We will be at the shop from June 19th - July 30th. Find out more about the shop at


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